With Mapache, my 1966 Vespa Sprint 150, June 2020

Adventure Mentor. Moto-vational Coach.

 “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver, American Poet

This website was started in the Spring of 2020 after reading one of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau’s 2020 release The Money Tree. To celebrate the release of his seventh book, Chris created a 30-day YouTube Live workshop series. Being a part of the community in this series, and the subsequent Zoom meetings that followed, has given me the courage and motivation to go forward with Kickstart Kate.

Chris Guillebeau reading my comment about a day well spent.

“Kate is really into Vespas, she’s got a website and does all kinds of fun stuff with Vespas.” – Chris Guillebeau, American author

The intention of Kickstart Kate is to convey my passion for adventure (and vintage Vespas) and, as a result of my enthusiasm, provide resources, support, and inspiration for people to live their best life ever.

From recommending books and creative teachers, to offering my own 10 Steps for Creating Miracles, the premise of Kickstart Kate is simple but fierce:

The best way to kickstart anything is to do what you can, with who you are, right where you are now.

It also helps to be a big believer that anything is possible. Because it is.

I am focused on empowering and connecting with people who dream big and fulfill their own adventures in life. These curious creatures typically have a heart fueled by gratitude, a mind full of motivation, and the sense enough to know when it’s time to clear the clutter and let greatness be their guide.

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Here’s three quick kicks about me:

  • I’m an 8th-generation granddaughter to the civil rights activist, lawyer, and author Richard Henry Dana, for whom Dana Point, CA is named. As the only one in my family who has lived California for more than 10 years, I revel in the history of Dana’s efforts, like his avid support of the Free Soil Party.

  • From 2013 to 2018, I was a teacher of English in Mexico and Colombia. I left a secure job, earned a teaching certificate, and had an amazing experience. Along the way, I fell in love with Colombia and learned Spanish after my 40th birthday, thus proving you can achieve anything at any age if you want it enough.

  • Activities are my favorite adventures. I love riding my vintage Vespa on winding roads, SCUBA diving in ocean waters, zip-lining across giant forests, rappelling off cliffs into waterfalls, camping in my Honda Element, visiting historic landmarks, and sleeping outdoors in colorful, handmade hammocks.

 All limits are self-imposed. ~ Icarus