Kickstart a whole new way of seeing life, or add on to the brave existence you already revel in at this moment. Recommended books and audiobooks to introduce new insight, coerce your crazy, or soothe your wandering and wild subconscious.


The Minimalists, Joshua Fields-Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

Whether you are new to the concept of minimalism or curious about how to improve your current state of simplicity, this book from the incredible Duo of Doing More with Less will undoubtedly inspire you.

Favorite quote: minimalism is not about deprivation: it’s about finding more value in the stuff you own.

Start Right Where You Are

Sam Bennett

This quirky, honest-to-the-Earth’s core book will have you laughing and crying with motivation and awe. It’s approach to beginning is simple. Step one? Get out of your own way.

Favorite quote: Release that which no longer serves you. Clutter is the residue of old decisions.

Got a book to suggest?